9 ways of receiving Abundance

My way to abundance has been really interesting, as I have been going through a really strong spiritual journey since 11.11.2011. Studying different types of massage, healing and therapy, I have come across kind of a dogma, that you must always ask something in return. In many cases it is true, but in my case it has been something else.

I have been struggling with the concept of abundance and having all my needs met, because there is always this expectance of receiving something, even from your friends. This learning has caused me many issues and problems in full-filling my desires. Lately I have been getting a better overview on this topic, as there seems to be a greater sense of abundance in every path of life.

Look at the forest, look at the patterns in the nature they are overwhelming with beauty and joy. What does that mean? They are rich in their appearance, colour and odor. Symbiosis of different plants supporting each-other, some are mineral accumulators, some defend others from pests and so forth. There is even a natural selection, when a part of the ecosystem is weak, for example, a tree – then there is a predator to kill it to make room for new growth.

Like Chaga, which is a mushroom, whose job is to kill weakened birch trees to make room for new plants to grow. Same is in life, as long as we are stuck in our old patterns, we are weakening our sense of flow. The life force is running out into the stress. Disease is just a natural way of showing us, that we are blocking our abundance, our joie de vivre.

Ireland – I just HAD to buy a plane ticket over there. Loved it.

Mostly receiving is about letting yourself to be, not demanding. I want this and that, is a common way to malbeing. I started examining that situation in my life, what I am worth, and why I am not receiving any continous monetary support from my practices. Reason was so simple, because I did not have to have tons of money at that moment. Although, I really love some green in my pocket.

It is more about whole universe supporting us with all the means, that we have in our ecosystem. I was able to purchase hugely expensive set of crystal bowls, and the abundance was always there. I had had student savings, which were meant for my studies abroad. Actually it made more sense to start a firm and go with my longing to help people.

But, it is not all, there is also this aspect, that your output to the world will always be returned. Mostly it is about letting go and not expecting immediate results. You have got everything you need at this moment and you will receive additional resources, when you are aiming for a goal. Mostly, it is about being centered in our hearts and throwing away worries. Remember to focus on the good and it will come to you.

It is easy to say, but it actually works.

My wish, which came true in a most amazing way.

Another thing is self-worth. How much do I mean to myself. Can I support myself emotionally, do I cherish my skills and passions. Many of us are quite good at self sabotage. Telling ourselves it is too scary, too difficult etc. Mainly it is fear and lack of confidence, but hey we are amazing and vivid beings. We should support our needs and desires, which have been shadowed for a long time.

I travel quite a bit, and people tend to ask where to I get all the money for travelling. You know, It is always there. But, in the past I have been afraid to throw myself into those experiences – going to some of the most amazing places and meeting people, who our souls have desired to meet. But, you know it is all about making new friends, who will inspire you to become a better person. In return you become more caring towards strangers as well.


We were strangers and then we became friends. 🙂

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